My practice for now due to Covid-19 has become mainly a virtual one; however if you would prefer to work face to face, I am offering a safe space. Please call me to discuss your personal preferences (masks on/distance between seating etc) will be taken into account to best suit your needs and requirements.

Being confidential warm and supporting, the space between us stays consistent, whether you're here or we are working virtually.


The connection is based on respect, truth and care for your well-being and personal growth.


Together we will explore the uncomfortable, look at what might be challenging you, and work out how to best navigate your way forward.

Very often it is the relationship itself that can engender the healing, the comfort of support will help as you start to feel the authenticity grow in yourself, accepting what is and changing what you don't like.

The first step is the hardest, so well done for getting here. Finding the right therapist is important. 

If you want to call for a free initial informal conversation please don't hesitate.




Call: +447976978931


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