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Rock Balancing



Integrative Humanistic Therapist



Most people at some point in their lives need someone they can talk to that understands and supports, in a warm, safe and confidential space. Our time together will help you come to terms, to explore and to grow.

Through our work, a sense of love for self should blossom and peace should take place of where anxiety and conflict once were.

I draw upon a wide range of techniques to best suit the presenting issues we need to look at. Whatever it is that's causing pain and conflict, we will face together and at a safe pace, try to unravel, and make sense of until calm and acceptance take over from unsettling feelings that are holding you back from living the life you want to lead.

I am passionate about empowering my clients to break free from negative cyclical patterns of thinking and behaviours, which often stem from what is experienced in childhood.

I specialise in supporting people who have suffered childhood abuse and addiction. I have worked for two years in an abstinence based organisation, and have about 10 years experience working with family members who had a range of complex needs.

Working holistically and creatively is also part of my professional make up, ensuring each journey is unique. I offer short and long term therapy and have some concession spaces available.

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