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Humanistic Integrative Therapy


I offer unconditional support to help you heal. 

We meet half way, and look at what is causing you conflict.

I understand how it feels to fight an internal battle, to find your strength when it all feels too difficult to manage. Without judgement, and genuine belief in you finding the right solutions, together we help you find your voice, and to take the right steps forward to live a life without lies, with self love and self belief. 

After travelling, doing aid work in Thailand, trying to escape my own demons, I  embarked on this therapeutic journey myself, and came out the other side with clear sight. With new found clarity, I found the strength and determination to stop unhealthy patterns.


Open and boundaried, safe and confidential, your time to take an introspective look at you, to sit with the uncomfortable, the painful, the silenced hurt needs to be talked about; time to set yourself free. Read More>>


Sometimes life can be hard.


We can find ourselves sinking into silent depressive states, trying to deal with past trauma, and are having problems in our personal or professional relationships.


Therapy offers a caring and safe space where you are heard and supported without judgement and safe in the knowledge everything you say is in with confidentiality.


We will try to find your way through painful situations and navigate you to a better place, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.   


Having the courage to start the process of finding the right therapist for you, is the first step of taking some control back of your life.


Having a trained, warm, honest person to help your objectives; this is a unique opportunity for self exploration and growth. You have taken the first step, well done!

Through the therapeutic relationship, trust is built. Talking about what is causing you pain and finding solutions to break unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours sets your authentic self free.

Burying our heads in the sand may feel easier, but in the long run, carrying silent worries and fears are damaging. We are only as heavy as our secrets. We all deserve to walk free from the shackles of our past, and have hope for a better future. 






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